Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This list will continually update and evolve as we identify new resources. Please feel free to reach out with any recommended additions.

Style guides of journalism groups 

The media is the main way most people learn about individuals with lived experiences that differ from their own. These guides expand beyond the Associated Press Stylebook to help ensure storytellers get it right. We recommend familiarizing yourself with each guide and bookmarking each for easy future reference. 

Additional organizations to know

Local journalism groups 

National science organizations 

Other Tools for Diversifying Your Journalism

Databases to help diversify your sources

We recommend bookmarking each database to make it easy to reference while on deadline. Club members have also found that asking sources to recommend people who are members of underrepresented groups is an effective tactic.  

Communicating Science to Spanish Speakers 

Sensitivity readers / diversity readers

We recommend engaging multiple sensitivity readers, also known as diversity readers, on any story that involves a community that is not your own. Rates vary, but are usually $31–$35/hour, according to the Editorial Freelancers Association. The best time to engage a sensitivity reader is before you begin your piece. This Open Notebook article about working with sensitivity readers is a helpful guide, which informed the information below.

Editors of Color includes sensitivity readers in its searchable database.

Salt & Sage Books is a resource for finding sensitivity and expert readers. They also have published many guides written by their sensitivity readers, such as “How to Write Black Characters,” “How to Write Autistic Characters,” “Writing Fat-Positively” and more.

Quiet House Editing has a list of diversity readers. Note: Quiethouse Editing is no longer managing a team of diversity readers. The readers listed are independent contractors and must be contacted directly for inquiries.

Writing Diversely has a directory of sensitivity readers.

Helpful readings 

Helpful videos 

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